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Today marks day two of the long weekend because I’ve declared a day off school for myself yesterday and monday’s a holiday in lieu of national day (or our independence day of sorts) today. I figured I wouldn’t actually ramble because I really have to start studying, so I’ll just put up a photo diary instead. (so yeah, I sort of lied in the title because coming up with appropriate titles is pretty hard y’know.) 

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.28.51 PM

A sale at my favourite bookstore warrants an empty wallet. 
I managed to find paperback copies of Alexa Chung’s “It”, which I’ve wanted to buy for ages, and so there’s that. As for the Tolkien, I wanted to read the Silmarillion before I read the Unfinished Tales but I couldn’t find the Silmarillion at the bookstore so I ended up buying Unfinished Tales instead. Oh yes, something happened at the bookstore while I was there, so storytime: At the bookstore in question, there’s a specific fantasy section in which the Tolkien shelf is right opposite the Doctor Who Novelization shelf, and while I was lurking around the Tolkien shelf, scouring for the Silmarillion, there was this (presumably) British guy standing beside me looking through the Doctor Who shelf. After a while, he turned to look at the Tolkien shelf too and he picked up a compilation of all three volumes of Lord of the Rings and asked if I’ve read it. Being the awkward kid that I am, I nodded and breathed, “yes!!” And goodness knows why, he said, “mm I thought so”, put down the book, and walked off. I’m not sure what he meant by that, but afterwards, all that was going through my head was, “FRIEND!! DON’T LEAVE!”
(If you like both Doctor Who and Tolkien, you’re allowed to be my friend.) 

I spent all of Sunday lazing around in bed reading “It” and going on Tumblr, and stalking the Doctor Who twitter accounts because the first episode of series 8 just premiered at a screening in Cardiff and then London. 

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In lieu of the national day holidays, entrance to the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands is free today and tomorrow. And since I’ve been meaning to go to the exhibition for months, I decided that I should just take advantage of the waived entrance fees to visit the exhibition. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.26.53 PM

Early morning selfie as I wait for the best friend before we head to the museum together because she got lost on the roundabout train/subway/mrt/whatever you call it because that doofus does things like that all the time. To put things in context:Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.48.30 PM

Dear lord I had to send her step by step instructions so that she could get to the museum. God knows how I survived being her roommate for two weeks while we were in Paris. 
Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.28.17 PM
Dressing room OOTD because this is the first time I’ve worn this blazer out – I bought it at a fraction of its price from Esprit, but later realised that blazers are rather impractical here…still, I’ve finally managed to wear it somewhere anyway. 
Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.27.30 PM
Look at that smoulder. He’s so beautiful.
The Annie Leibovitz exhibition itself was amazing, and I love how the curator’s arranged the photos in a way that you can track her entire career through both her commercial photography as well as her personal photos. There were some pieces that I really hoped to see, that weren’t at the exhibition though – stuff like the photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, which is one of my favourite works from Leibovitz, as well as her Rolling Stones tour photos weren’t at the exhibition. But I suppose being able to see her other lesser known photographs and her family pictures was just as good, since those aren’t easily searchable online. 
Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.27.50 PM
Lunch: We found a burger place that I’ve eaten at about two years ago (and really enjoyed) and decided to eat there instead because everywhere else was *bang bang bang bang* and *kaching!* 

So yes, that’s my weekend until now. I should spend the next two days torturing myself by burying myself alive under piles of notes because I’ve enjoyed myself too much for the past few days and I shouldn’t be doing so 89 days before the A Levels. 

Guardians of the Galaxy (spoiler alert)

I have never read the GOTG comics, except for the one I got on free comic books day (and the rocket racoon one I got on FCBD as well), so I might not know the full context of what went on in the movie.
Also this might not exactly be a review because I’ll just discuss what I want to talk about in the movie – but if you wanna know what’s my verdict for the movie…IT’S AN AMAZING MOVIE AND YOU SHOULD WATCH IT REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU’RE A MARVEL FAN OR NOT. Now that that’s out of the way…. Continue reading


Too many things have happened today , both good and bad stuff – the bad: school; the good: not school. Doubt you’d want to read a mad rant about the bad stuff that happened so I’ll just go through the good stuff first.


I’ve been waiting for this ever since the last movie ended, and for the past few months I’ve been groaning and whining about the lack of a trailer or any promotional material of sorts, but we’ve finally got this and I am beyond excited for it. I’ve even planned out what I’m going to wear and stuff to the midnight screening of the movie.
From the trailer, it’s safe to conclude that the movie’s going to be (I hope I’m not misusing this word…) Epic. Huge battle scenes reminiscent of those in Return of the King, elves in armour, dwarves in armour, dragon that is also in its armour of impenetrable scales. We get a scene of Thranduil kicking ass, we get to see Galadriel’s silent fury in her ‘walk’, and a moment in which Legolas flares up, and then there’s Tauriel looking melancholic (but we all know she’ll get to kick some ass in the movie and hopefully not die even though that isn’t likely – I’m already mourning.) Basically the movie should be renamed The Hobbit: who are we kidding the elves are going to steal the show again, and guess what, I don’t mind that at all. I’m going to unapologetically and unabashedly declare that I love the elves even though three of them aren’t even supposed to be there anyway. (I’m sorry, Tolkien.)

If you’re a whovian who’s been active on tumblr/twitter, you’ll know that Peter Capaldi’s recently mentioned this in his Sunday Times interview. I didn’t want to post this on tumblr because there will be too many people reading it and there are too many contradicting opinions on there, but here’s my two cents worth:
For the whouffle shippers, it’s alright because he isn’t discounting the relationship The Doctor and Clara had before. In fact, their relationship will be recognised in the first episode, but from that point onwards we move on. The Doctor’s changed – not only has his physical appearances changed, his psychology has changed as well, and that’s alright. He’s the Doctor, he changes. There will be no flirting between Clara and the TWELFTH Doctor, and I know I’m going to sound rather superficial by saying this, but it’s rather obvious that this Doctor and Clara won’t have the same fluffy relationship Clara and Eleven had earlier because CAPALDI IS TWICE JENNA’S AGE FOR GOD’S SAKE! I know that in The Day of the Doctor, Clara has shown that she loves and understands the Doctor regardless of which incarnation he’s in, but that doesn’t mean she will get chummy with all of them.
Anyway, I’m actually quite glad they’re reducing the ‘romance’ bit in Doctor Who because Moffat doesn’t usually get it right and it makes people really mad. And I don’t like seeing people get mad at him because he’s actually a really good writer with pretty good ideas, it’s just that someone has to tell him that there are other better ways to write female characters.

I can’t seem to embed the song on soundcloud here but anyway, here’s the link to the song.
It sounds really amazing and is probably my favourite track from his upcoming album, Worlds, so far. Go check it out if you’re a fan and you haven’t, and if you aren’t a fan, go check it out still. Even if you aren’t into electronic music, you should give it a listen because my friends (who don’t usually listen to electronic music) do really enjoy the new direction his music is going in.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 7.41.32 PM

It’s only taken up the left corner but there isn’t much space left on my wall anyway. The rest of the stuff are my gaga stuff (and yes, the board which got me backstage at the Born This Way Ball, which was signed by Gaga, is on my wall even though it’s really cheesy) and Porter Robinson’s signature and little kaomoji doodle, the picture of Emma Stone that she signed and the handwritten lyrics to Another’s Arms that Chris Martin wrote.

(and this marks the end of all the cool things that happened today/these few days and you shouldn’t read on despite the ‘continue reading’ button saying ‘continue reading’.)

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The Rise of Fangirls at Comic-Con


Personally I’m really glad that women are gaining more prominence in geek culture especially with more and more women joining the ranks of their male counterparts as creators, because that is really what gets many other younger girls into such things. It lets them believe that comics and cartoons and video games and superheroes and all that aren’t just boy things because there are women – really cool women – making these things. The prominence of female characters in recent years is also a really important factor. Even though there’s still quite a lot more to be done for women in geek culture. Tor example we still aren’t seeing enough female creators…and as Evangeline Lilly mentioned at her Nerd HQ panel yesterday, in the past most of the female characters seem to be damsels in distress…MOST, not all, but today it seems to have taken a pendulum swing to the other side of the spectrum to become utterly kickass characters who would kill without another thought and all that…it’s a generalisation, of course, but she’s pretty damn right when she said that creating characters that “just want to be like men” isn’t gender equality at all. So, yes. A greater variety of female protagonists AND antagonists would be great. (I just found out the other day that Karen Gillan’s Nebula is the first ever female antagonist – like, an outright antagonist, not an anti-hero or something like that – in a Marvel film and that was pretty shocking, but I’m glad she gets to play the first ever female antagonist.)

Originally posted on TIME:

San Diego Comic-Con—an annual conference celebrating all things gloriously nerdy from TheAvengers to Star Trek—has had a reputation as a boys’ club, albeit a geeky one. Many unfamiliar with the event might assume it’s made up of nerdy boys in Star Wars costumes ogling “booth babes.” But attend this year’s Comic-Con, which began Thursday and runs throughout the weekend, and you can visit a panel on the women of Marvel comics, watch a geek couture fashion show and meet female writers of iconic shows like The Walking Dead.

This year’s Comic-Con will draw 130,000 fans, almost half of whom are female. It will feature 12 panels focused specifically on women—more than ever before. And that doesn’t even count panels that feature female writers without advertising it.

“When I was in high school I went to some local sci-fi cons, and the way I remember it, men vastly…

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coffee, comics and shenanigans

I probably shouldn’t be indulging myself this often (since I’ve already spent quite a bit of money earlier this week buying books for myself) and I ought to make myself feel a wee bit more guilty for not doing well in math (and for my piano exam), but then again the past week was literature week in school and i’ve been working pretty damn hard on it for the past month so I had to reward myself with an afternoon of shenanigans with the friends. 
Not to mention that as I’m writing this, comic con’s happening on the other side of the world, where benedict cumberbatch, matt smith, evangeline lilly and countless other people I’d love to be able to meet/talk to are currently so I just needed something to make up for it. 


Anyway, the best friend and I just ended up going on a hunt for comics yesterday – my priority was, of course, the new Doctor Who comics that have been released by Titan about three days ago. The first comics store we hit’s my favourite toy/comics store (the one at dhoby ghaut) since it has TONS of Doctor Who merch and comics and other really cool collectibles and stuff, and if I’m not wrong they’ve restocked volumes 1-3 of Prisoners of Time but I didn’t have enough money for it yesterday so I didn’t end up buying it. (and besides if I bought it at my favourite bookstore instead I’d get a discount..) Either way, I did end up finding and buying the new DW comics there: Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.25.52 PM


The nice guys at the store did ask me if I wanted to keep a pull list for the comics but I didn’t have enough money for a deposit (keeping in mind that I had to have dinner) so…nope I didn’t end up keeping a pull list for these babies either. Which means I’ll have to – faithfully – trudge down to the comics store every month right after the comics are released to make sure that no one else gets them before I do. 

On a side note, I think one of those guys at the store’s new because I’ve never seen him there before, and I do suppose he’s a whovian because he asked me who my favourite Doctor was (“ELEVEN!!”) and, well…he did nod in approval. I’ve finally found an Eleven fan in real life (my whovian best friend in class’s more of a Tennant and RTD fan so we’ve agreed to disagree – well neither of us are really staunch in our alliances to our favourite Doctors/eras anyway.) 

The best friend then took me to this other comics store she found at a nearby mall, which is much more dingy (and they stock only comics so I suppose it’s more authentic than the one I usually frequent) but they’ve got such a huge collection of comics it makes up for the dinginess. Also, I found single issues of Prisoners of Time but there were only 6 out of 12 issues so I decided against buying it…Now that I think of it I should have just bought those and then hunted down the remaining issues at the other stores. 

After our trips to the comic bookstores in the area, we ended up setting up camp at Starbucks because it was much too hot outside to go through our loot and get caffeinated. It just so happened that Starbucks was having their one for one offer on tiramisu frappes yesterday so we got those (even though it took us ages to finish the venti-sized drinks…it was practically like drinking liquified sugar.)

Having read both comics at our little Starbucks stopover, here’s my micro-review:
Firstly, I do really like that they’ve dedicated a tiny section before the start of the comics to explain which part in the Doctor’s timeline these stories take place because as we all know, DW is very timey-wimey. Not to mention that this allows non DW fans to get into the comics too, so I might just let my younger brother read them as well (as long as he doesn’t wreck them) so that he can start getting into DW. (Because he doesn’t particularly like the TV series.) Being a visual person myself, I’ve got to comment on the art first: I do prefer Elena Casagrande’s art style for “The Tenth Doctor” than Simon Fraser’s for “The Eleventh Doctor”, perhaps because it looks a little bit more realistic, and I’m a sucker for that stuff. Story wise, both story arcs are very characteristic of the Doctors and even the way the stories are told are very similar to the different approaches RTD and Moffat have when writing Doctor Who – say, “The Tenth Doctor” focuses very much more on the people/characters whereas “The Eleventh Doctor” focuses more on the wacky adventures – but of course there’s still elements of the other in the stories. So if you’re an Eleven fan, you’d probably like “The Eleventh Doctor” more and if you’re a Ten fan,, you’d probably like “The Tenth Doctor” more. Personally, I find the former more fast paced and thus easier to read, so I’ll probably let my brother read that first (and besides he’s only watched Matt as the Doctor because his run was on TV for a while earlier this year.) 

So, that’s that. And afterwards we had to cram our dinner in before we headed back to school for Literature Night (which includes performances that some of the Literature students and the school’s Players put up every year) so we dropped by Astons since it was one of the most affordable places we could find in that area. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 1.22.13 PM


Welp the best friend’s burger did look (and according to her, taste) really good. My food…not so. Except the fries, maybe. The chicken wasn’t as flavourful as I expected, which was a downer because it tasted pretty good the last time I had it at Astons. Still, dinner with the best friend was a joy though because we just got up to a bunch of shenanigans, decided that we shall pitch The Silence against the Weeping Angels someday like in Doomsday where the Cybermen were pitted against the Daleks, but instead nothing will get done because neither the Silence nor the Weeping Angels speak so they’ll just keep staring at each other. And we also agreed that there should be a DW and Adventure Time crossover in which the Doctor takes the Ice King as his companion and the both of them will just mope around, sort of like this:
Doctor: Rose…
Ice King: Princess…
Doctor: Rose…
Ice King: Princess…
Doctor: Rose…
while Donna and LSP sass it out and the Daleks and Lemongrab just yell repeatedly at each other. (Can you imagine the Daleks and Lemongrab yelling “EXTERMINATE” and “UNACCEPTABLEEEE” repeatedly at each other though. It’ll possibly be the most hilariously traumatic or traumatically hilarious scene ever – well the trauma mainly comes from the voices of Lemongrab and the Daleks because otherwise it’ll just be awfully stupid and funny.) But yes, this is why we should totally write for Doctor Who……../evil grins/ 

Then we got back to school after dinner, hung out with my other friends and we met a beautiful little kitty Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 1.38.10 PM


We haven’t seen this one around in school before (there are tons of cats lurking around our school compound and they’re fed by the students/staff) and it’s rather scrawny but we didn’t have food to feed the cat at the time so we just petted and talked to her…or at least two of us did anyway, while my other friend took pictures of the cat’s butt. Which leads me to wonder if there’s any concept of sexual assault amongst animals, especially since some of them just mate for the sake of procreating. It’s really weird but idk, can someone please enlighten me on this because I really wanna know. 

Literature Night yesterday was uh…interesting. It was mostly filled with either self-demeaning jokes or really crass humour which some people obviously didn’t like. For example, my friend who was sitting right beside me kept shaking her head and denouncing one of the plays as “low” because of all the awful sexual jokes. Well I personally didn’t think it was all THAT bad since I’ve watched enough Comedy Central (especially @midnight) to not take as much offense to horrible dick jokes, I was just surprised that the school actually allowed them to put up the play though, since just last year they reprimanded students for cross dressing for what was a rather casual event. /sigh/ Anyway, I’m pretty glad Lit Week’s over because that means less stuff for me to do as the literature rep for the class. Now all my duties return to being just collecting assignments from the class and I’m perfectly contented with that, yes. 

i don’t often post selfies online but uh……

If you do follow my tumblr you’d know that I’ve been doing the 30 days of doctor who tumblr challenge and for the past 27 days I’ve been loyally posting my responses to the daily challenges. Anyway, today’s was to come up with a Doctor Who cosplay based on stuff you’ve got in your wardrobe and I’m not a cosplayer but I’m really proud of what I’ve managed piece together from what I’ve found in my wardrobe anyway.

photo 1  tumblr_n7fcqscZFD1qdr3s3o9_250 
photo 2 (1)  tumblr_n8umuz66kT1seva6co1_500


So, these outfits haven’t been on Doctor Who yet but Jenna’s been spotted wearing them while filming Series 8 so I’m pretty sure you’ll see those outfits soon.
(kind of gutted that I no longer have Clara-length hair because my mom made me cut my hair last week.)

kitties in space.

tumblr_n8r5zqc4kW1qf3fgmo1_1280 Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8

(and in case you need the context…)
Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.17.39 PM


(and in case you need additional context for our conversation…)
we were talking about school and the need to escape from the horror that looks strangely like the stack of schoolwork on my desk and our grades. and school, basically.