17 Brutal Realities Of Being A College Student In 2014


not in college yet but this is already happening oh god.

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1. People constantly tell you that this is the best time of your life — and how carefree they were in college. Yet you have no money, you’re stressed out all the time, and every semester you get to think about how much debt you’re going to have when you graduate.

2. Never before has there been so many other options besides studying and writing another essay. And in order to write an essay, you have to use your computer — where Tumblr and Twitter and Reddit live. It takes an enormous amount of self-control just to stay productive.

3. You literally have no idea what you are doing. Yet you need to make decisions that impact the rest of your life all the time.

4. At some point you realize you share a bedroom with another person, you use disposable silverware for every meal, and you haven’t…

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Cookie Monster and Grover take on ‘The Avengers,’ ‘The Hunger Games,’ and more…in song!

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[ew_image url="http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2012/08/24/seasame-street_175x175.jpg" credit="" align="left"]We still may not be able to tell you exactly how to get to Sesame Street, but the neighborhood’s beloved denizens know their way to the EW offices. Last year, Elmo and Cookie Monster dropped in to give us their versions of some popular TV shows, but this time around Elmo was too busy working on Elmo: The Musical— the show’s new singing-and-dancing segment that will replace the popular Elmo’s World —to make another visit. Luckily for us, Grover and Cookie Monster (a.k.a. the Blue Brothers) had enough wiggle room in their schedules to stop by to sing a few musical numbers of their own, parodying the likes of The Avengers , The Hunger Games , Doctor Who , and even The Newsroom . So if you were one of the many viewers who thought Aaron Sorkin’s biggest mistake was not saddling his newsman protagonist with a…

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Benedict Cumberbatch digital portrait

Benedict Cumberbatch digital portrait

I spent my entire morning making this digital portrait of Benedict at the Oscars because I was bored and I’ve wanted to do this for a really long time.

Fun fact: I almost accidentally signed this off as “rache” instead of “rachel” because I had to write it using my mousepad on my laptop and the “l” looked iffy, so I erased it and almost forgot to rewrite the “l”. Heh, if I didn’t remember, then it would be an accidental reference to A Study in Pink.

the amazing spiderman 2 red carpet event

Joy to the world the exams were over on Wednesday and I’m finally free from the burden of school…for the next three days. (Don’t ask me to elaborate about how my exams went because…it just isn’t very nice to get battle-scarred soldiers to remember about their horrific war encounters.) Anyway, the classmates and I were supposed to watch the grand budapest hotel on Wednesday after our Math paper ended but since none of us were old enough, we couldn’t get tickets. The best friend and I were supposed to watch it the next day but she couldn’t get a ticket for me so we ended up watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier instead (it was a great movie, but not spectacular. Black Widow was really kickass. Also, the post-credits scene’s making me really REALLY excited for The Avengers: Age of Ultron.) before I went over to Marina Bay Sands to meet the other best friend and attend the amazing spiderman 2 red carpet event and press conference (which I won passes to.)

It was really nice to get (rather) close to the stars of the movie (especially Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield) but I wasn’t THAT close so I couldn’t get pictures with them. (Besides the crowd was rather rowdy.) But I managed to get my sketches of the adorkable couple signed anyway:
To be quite honest, these are really really bad sketches and I wished I could redraw them but I didn’t have the time to…but Andrew looked rather impressed with his sketch, surprisingly (because this is one of the most horrible drawings I’ve ever done I’m sorry) so I guess it’s not too bad after all. 
So, these are going up on my wall after I find frames for them.

Emma and Andrew signing autographs for us.

Press conference pictures:

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were being all couple-y and cute and it made everyone go, “aww”… The press conference was lovely, Adrian Pang was a humorous and great moderator and Jamie Foxx stole the show with his beatboxing (at one point Emma was “dancing” to his beatboxing and it was hilarious to watch.) Poor Emma didn’t get any question at the press conference except for this one really intimidating (and admittedly bad) question – “Emma, you’re playing the character of Gwen Stacy. According to comic books, she majored in biochemistry. So my question is this: In biochemistry, what’s an activated complex?” but she handled the question really well anyway, this was her response: x
While Emma Stone seemed rather stressed and intimidated by the fans (it wasn’t her fault, the crowds were really rowdy), Andrew Garfield was utterly lovely and it seems like he really likes kids because he was hanging out with all them teeny creatures and carrying them and stuff…(which makes him twice as adorable as he already is) uwu

So…That’s what’s been going on in the past few days after my exams. I might or might not head down to the hotel the stars are staying at tomorrow to try to get pictures with them since a twitter friend of mine is trying to convince me to go and hang out with him there…I’ll see what I can do.


[On a side note, I lost the sharpie that Porter Robinson used to sign my sketchbook when I met him last year because I accidentally dropped it in the crowd and I couldn't bend down to pick it up because I was squished between people and I'm kinda devastated I hope senpai isn't mad at me.]

[On a completely unrelated note, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH WAS IN TWO DAYS AGO AGHHHHH WHY DID HE NOT DECIDE TO JUST POP BY OUR COUNTRY BEFORE HE HEADS TO AUSTRALIA NEXT WEEK FOR THE SHERLOCK CONVENTIONS?! I MEAN, WE'RE JUST EN ROUTE TO AUSTRALIA AND YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW DESPERATE I AM TO MEET THE CUMBERBATCH. I just wish we had huge events like the Sherlock conventions held in the UK and Australia that he'll attend... Hopefully he does comic-con next year and I get to go to comic-con and I'll meet him or something....]

edit: I just realised that all the Marvel movies released/to be released this year have failed the Bechdel test after discussing the new Captain America movie with my friend…ugh c’mon just get on with it already, introduce more strong diverse female characters. Emma Stone was just quoted saying “hell yeah” to Cate Blanchett’s Oscar acceptance speech in an interview she did in Australia last week and she’s mentioned that she’s playing Gwen Stacy as more than the “girlfriend”-stereotype which is great but…ugh, she’s still the ONLY main female character in the show, her existence revolves around the development of the male character and I guess she’s probably just still used as a plot device. [facepalms] Just, please, can we have more – and better – female representation especially in action movies since there’s actually a really huge female audience for these shows as well? Thanks.


We’ll see creation come undone

We'll see creation come undone

This is a long overdue fan art-doodle thing based on Porter Robinson’s Sea of Voices, which I made when I got so bored trying to read my economics notes yesterday.

(I’m not sure how or why this got 180 favs on twitter but i’m really happy bout that.)
(Also, if you haven’t listened to Sea of Voices, just click on the image and it’ll relink you to the song on YouTube. Check it out it sounds amazing.)

more rambles which are probably going to bore you so you should just skip this.

(I’m sorry I did hope that this could be an art post but I’ve been too busy these few weeks to art. I promise I’ll continue art-ing after my exams end.)

My first exams of the year are in a week and even though they don’t seem to be very significant (apparently the results won’t be reflected in our progress report or something…I’m not too sure because as usual I was probably nodding off while the school informs us about such stuff) I do suspect that this counts towards my predicted grades…and even though this is only one of three internal exams we’re going to be taking before the A Levels this year (which means that I’ll have two more exams to salvage my dismal grades) I really can’t afford to screw up the first time. What if I screw up for my next two exams too. Predicted grades are almost equivalent to conditional university admissions (there’s not enough time for us to apply for overseas universities by the time our A Level results get back to us) so I really need this to get my pathetic arse out of this place. Ugh so much stress. 

I’m not even sure who’s putting this stress on me…I’m used to my mom putting tons of stress (and me shrugging it off) but this is stress on a whole new level. [cries] Hopefully this stress will magically disappear after my exams end. My sudden sense wanderlust isn’t exactly helping since I find myself drifting off while studying instead. Focus, Rachel. I desperately need to destress (through other means than to spend five hours on tumblr and youtube because I’ll just end up spending seven hours, and then ten hours online) but aaaaargh time. Why am I not blessed with insomniac abilities?! Anyway, I’ve made plans to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel with classmate-friend and to attend the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the Art Science Museum with the best friend right after my exams so I hope that helps. But I suppose the thing that will help most is that I’ll manage to not screw up anymore of my papers. (I probably did really horribly on my general paper exam…”self-indulgent writing”, “lack of concrete examples”, “merely rehashing the same idea over and over in your essay”…I can almost see those comments on my essay already because that’s exactly what happened with my previous practice essay, which was an utter train-wreck.) But the only subject that I’m actually familiar with right now is actually History. I’ve got the whole of last year’s syllabus+whatever’s covered this year in Math and Economics to cram into my head by Monday. This is disastrous. 

Bleurgh, why am I even rambling on here when I’m supposed to be studying? Right, I just ran out of highlighters which means that I’ll have to run to the store to buy more but it’s 10pm and the store’s probably already closed and I can’t study without a highlighter because…consistency. Or maybe it’s just a lame excuse for my procrastination. I really suck at this. Why can’t I just magically assimilate all the information in my notes into my head, everything will be much easier then. 

This is only the first quarter of the year, everything’s just going to build up from here. Every single time my classmate-friend and I talk about the exams I end up thinking about the end of this year, when we’re all going to be studying for the A Levels, when we’ll have two years worth of information to cram into our heads and regurgitate in the form of perfectly structured essays (argh.) I just really hope I don’t crack under pressure then because it’ll be a really bad time to do so. Please just let me get through this year. Please let me get the grades and whatever else that’s necessary for me to pack my bags and head to ucl, kcl or lse. (I promise I won’t even go to Gaga’s concert this year – if she really does an Asian tour before my exams – if this happens. Deal?) 

Oscars 2014

I don’t know if you can tell but I’m really stoked for the Oscars this year (I don’t usually blog about the Oscars – the Grammys are more of my thing…but this year’s Grammys was meh. Other than the fact that my favourite robots and Zedd won awards and electronic dance music was represented really well this year, the rest of the awards were…meh.) But to be honest I’m not all that excited about the actual awards because I still haven’t watched some of these movies….but they’re on my “to-watch” list. What I’m looking forward to is actually:
1. Ellen Degeneres hosting the awards. 
2. Idina Menzel performing at the awards (even though I’m a liiiittle sick of Let It Go…but it’s Idina Menzel!!)
3. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH LOOKING ALL DAPPER IN HIS SUIT (swoon) PRESENTING AN AWARD. (I know this is kinda ridiculous but I’d give anything to watch that man in a suit on my TV screen.) 

Anyway, despite not being too excited about the actual awards, I’ll just post my winners prediction list up (even if I haven’t watched the movies I’ve – at least – watched the trailers and a few scenes if possible…and read reviews about them. So that’s what I’m going to base my predictions on.) 

Here goes: 

Best Picture

American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street

This one’s hard, since these films are all pretty damn good. It’s hard to pick between American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave though since these two movies have been sweeping awards at the Golden Globes and SAGs, but I guess they’ll give it to 12 Years a Slave because the acting (I’ve heard) is phenomenal, as compared to the lacklustre acting (well this is what I’ve heard too) of a certain supporting actress in American Hustle. 

Best Directing

American Hustle (David O. Russell)
Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón)
Nebraska (Alexander Payne)
12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen)
The Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese)

This one’s rather hard to pick as well. It’s a difficult choice between Cuaron and Steve McQueen, but either way, it’ll be the first time a Latino man or black man wins this award. Yep, the first time in 86 years. 

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Christian Bale (American Hustle)
Bruce Dern (Nebraska)
Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street)
Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave)
Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)

I desperately want Leo DiCap to win this award especially because if he doesn’t, Tumblr might implode…but there are two really strong contenders in this category. Matthew McConaughey’s practically a shoo-in but I’m rooting for Chiwetel Ejiofor in this category. Sorry Leo, this isn’t really your year too, why don’t you try directing something, maybe you’ll win an Oscar in that category instead. 

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Amy Adams (American Hustle)
Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)
Sandra Bullock (Gravity)
Judi Dench (Philomena)
Meryl Streep (August: Osage County)

I’m really not sure about this one, so I’m picking on the basis of elimination. 
We can probably rule out Amy Adams in this category, and maybe Judi Dench too. That leaves Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep. Sandra Bullock was okay-ish in Gravity and Meryl Streep was pretty good in August: Osage County but she’s already won countless Oscars and her performance in August: Osage County doesn’t match up to her previous Oscar-winning performances so I doubt she’ll win too. From general popular consensus, Cate Blanchett will probably win this award but after all the Woody Allen controversy, I’m not too sure about her chances. But I’m still going with Cate Blanchett anyway. 

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips)
Bradley Cooper (American Hustle)
Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave)
Jonah Hill (The Wolf of Wall Street)
Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)

Jared Leto, hands down. (I’ve seen enough gifs of him in Dallas Buyers Club on my Tumblr dash to know how good his acting was in the film.) 

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine)
Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)
Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave)
Julia Roberts (August: Osage County)
June Squibb (Nebraska)

This one’s a toss up between Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o. Naturally, JLaw fans are still rooting for her (well I’m a fan of her as well( but I don’t think she should win the Oscars two years in a row especially when it’s so early in her career and besides, I’ve read pretty negative reviews about her acting in American Hustle. :/

Best Adapted Screenplay

Before Midnight (Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke)
Captain Phillips (Billy Ray)
Philomena (Steve Coogan, Jeff Pope)
12 Years a Slave (John Ridley)
The Wolf of Wall Street (Terence Winter)

Taking a gamble by picking Philomena over 12 Years a Slave because I really really like the story…this sounds awfully frivolous, I’m sorry. 

Best Original Screenplay

American Hustle (Eric Warren Singer, David O. Russell)
Blue Jasmine (Woody Allen)
Dallas Buyers Club (Craig Borten, Melisa Wallack)
Her (Spike Jonze)
Nebraska (Bob Nelson)

I haven’t watched Her either but the storyline does seem really interesting (a man who falls for his OS huh? Sounds pretty much like me) and I’ve read nothing but good things about the screenplay so, I suppose this is a pretty fair choice. 

Best Cinematography

The Grandmaster (Philippe Le Sourd)
Gravity (Emmanuel Lubezki)
Inside Llewyn Davis (Bruno Delbonnel)
Nebraska (Phedon Papamichael)
Prisoners (Roger A. Deakins)

To tell you the truth I’m not a very huge fan of Gravity but I must admit, the cinematography’s stunning, so it’s an obvious winner in this category.

Best Costume Design

American Hustle (Michael Wilkinson)
The Grandmaster (William Chang Suk Ping)
The Great Gatsby (Catherine Martin)
The Invisible Woman (Michael O’Connor)
12 Years a Slave (Patricia Norris)

American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave or The Great Gatsby? 
I’m gonna go with The Great Gatsby because who can forget all the splendid Prada dresses? Unf, even thinking about the costumes’s making my knees go weak. As gorgeous as the American Hustle costumes are, they just can’t compare with the intricately designed outfits for The Great Gatsby. 

Best Film Editing

American Hustle (Jay Cassidy, Crispin Struthers, Alan Baumgarten)
Captain Phillips (Christopher Rouse)
Dallas Buyers Club (John Mac McMurphy, Martin Pensa)
Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón, Mark Sanger)
12 Years a Slave (Joe Walker)

Gravity will probably be bagging tons of technical awards this year.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Dallas Buyers Club (Adruitha Lee, Robin Mathews)
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (Stephen Prouty)
The Lone Ranger (Joel Harlow, Gloria Pasqua-Casny)

I don’t know anything about this one so I can’t make a choice. I’m sorry. 

Best Original Score

The Book Thief (John Williams)
Gravity (Steven Price)
Her (William Butler, Owen Pallett)
Philomena (Alexandre Desplat)
Saving Mr. Banks (Thomas Newman)

There’s a sliiiiim chance Saving Mr. Banks will win against the more popular choices, Gravity and Her, and being the Disney fan I am, I’m going with Saving Mr. Banks. 

Best Original Song

Happy (Despicable Me 2)
Let It Go (Frozen)
The Moon Song (Her)
Ordinary Love (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom)

I’m starting to get pretty sick of this song because it’s spawned sooooo many covers but I’m still going to pick this because:
1. Disney. 
2. Idina Menzel, thank you. 
Even though there’s a high chance Ordinary Love will win instead. 

Best Production Design

American Hustle (Judy Becker, Heather Loeffler)
Gravity (Andy Nicholson, Rosie Goodwin, Joanne Woollard)
The Great Gatsby (Catherine Martin, Beverley Dunn)
Her (K.K. Barrett, Gene Serdena)
12 Years a Slave (Adam Stockhausen, Alice Baker)

Nothing beats the opulence and splendour of The Great Gatsby. The entire movie was just a visual feast for me so I’m going with that. 

Best Sound Editing

All Is Lost (Steve Boeddeker, Richard Hymns)
Captain Phillips (Oliver Tarney)
Gravity (Glenn Freemantle)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Brent Burge, Chris Ward)
Lone Survivor (Wylie Stateman)

Yep, Gravity. Even though I really liked the sound editing of The Hobbit because I could appreciate it better after watching all these behind the scenes video vlogs by Peter Jackson.

Best Sound Mixing

Captain Phillips (Chris Burdon, Mark Taylor, Mike Prestwood Smith, Chris Munro)
Gravity (Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, Christopher Benstead, Chris Munro)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Christopher Boyes, Michael Hedges, Michael Semanick, Tony Johnson)
Inside Llewyn Davis (Skip Lievsay, Greg Orloff, Peter F. Kurland)
Lone Survivor (Andy Koyama, Beau Borders, David Brownlow)

Refer to the above. 

Best Visual Effects

Gravity (Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, Dave Shirk, Neil Corbould)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Joe Letteri, Eric Saindon, David Clayton, Eric Reynolds)
Iron Man 3 (Christopher Townsend, Guy Williams, Erik Nash, Dan Sudick)
The Lone Ranger (Tim Alexander, Gary Brozenich, Edson Williams, John Frazier)
Star Trek Into Darkness (Roger Guyett, Patrick Tubach, Ben Grossmann, Burt Dalton)

Everyone’s picking Gravity but I really do want The Hobbit: DoS to win because 48 frames per second. Also, Smaug. For anyone who’s tried animation, be it digital or hand-drawn, you’ll know how painful animating even the simplest of characters is. Animating that monstrous beast must have been the most painful thing ever (even though Benedict did do mo-cap to help the Weta team capture the features better.) Not to mention all the other CGI that had to be added into the movie to bring Middle Earth to life. Yeah sure Gravity had tons of amazing effects and all that but CGI FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON. “Truly the tales and songs fall utterly short of your enormity, O Smaug the Stupendous…”